Campaigning for Businesses

One of the key areas of GM Chamber's work is lobbying and campaigning on behalf of our members ensuring we are supporting their ambitions to grow.

We work closely with local, regional and national authorities, as well as government departments, influencing economic public policies with a view for a sustainable future for Greater Manchester and Britain.

How is Greater Manchester Chamber representing local businesses? 

Since the UK voted to leave the EU back in 2016, businesses have been facing one of the most challenging and uncertain situations of our time. For the Chamber network, our priority has been to understand our members’ concerns, work with government and provide tools and information to enable businesses to prepare for whatever the outcome. Whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or not, companies are encouraged to consider the impact and take the respective actions to prepare.


Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce works closely with the British Chambers of Commerce and our counterparts in London and Bristol to proactively campaign so that the voices of our members can guide Brexit negotiations. For more information on our joint campaign, please click here


It is our goal to ensure the voice of businesses does not get lost in the political debate, and this will continue post-Brexit as the UK government continues to negotiate trade agreements globally.  

If you are facing or think you may face any trading barriers and would like us to voice your concerns, please let us know. Contact us now and share your views.  Alternatively, also visit our Campaigns page in our main website.

Negotiation of UK's Trade Agreements

As the UK Government embarks on the negotiation of new and/or continuity trade agreements, it is important to understand if UK companies are facing any trade barriers which are making their goods and/or services less competitive in overseas markets. 


For the Government to effectively lobby on your behalf, please log the trade barrier you already face, or think you may face, in a post-Brexit world here:

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Greater Manchester International Trade Strategy

GM Chamber has been working closely with the GM Combined Local Authority offering feedback on their refreshed International Strategy which is looking at trade, investment, tourism and more.


We are also providing feedback on national calls such as the UK Free Ports and more.   If you are a local company keen to provide some constructive contributions as how the Combined Authority and key stakeholders such as MIDAS, DIT, the Chamber and more can help your business to thrive internationally, please email us at 


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