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From 1st January 2021, UK companies trading with the EU will be required to complete Customs Declarations whether you are exporting to or importing from the EU27.   

Greater Manchester Chamber is the largest provider of export documentation in the North of England and with a long standing reputation for providing quality services.  We offer customs agent/brokerage services to both, exporters and importers in the UK.

At the end of the transition period, it is estimated customs declarations will be going from 50 million to around 270 million per year, now that exporters and importers trading with the EU will be required to complete declarations to enable the movement of goods in and out of the UK.

GM Chamber can help you with this new requirements by completing customs declarations on your behalf.

If your business is considering to complete customs declarations in-house or simply providing your staff with enough knowledge to understand what are the information requirements for these, we offer a box by box full day training course alongside other key topics that will help your staff understanding the new requirements for trading from Jan 2021, such as Rules of Origin, import procedures, incoterms and more, to check our upcoming training courses, please click here and please note you can tap into HMRC grant funding to pay for your training.   The funding is being allocated fast on first come first served basis, check how to apply here 

Customs Declaration Brokerage Service

We are one of the few chambers of commerce in the UK which is now live and ready to help your business completing export or import declarations acting as a customs agent.

With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating international trade, we can take the hassle out of your hands when it comes to exporting and importing goods.

The service is offered direct to businesses and through UK freight forwarders, ensuring that customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional costs through delays or errors. 

With direct links to the HMRC Customs handling system and all inventory linked ports, we can ensure that your goods, no matter where they enter or leave the UK, will be cleared for onward transportation smoothly.  We can help you keep your time sensitive supply chains, moving efficiently and economically.

We offer: 

  • A high level of compliance and assurance for customers

  • Confidence on tariff and data entry to remove fiscal risk; backed by the technical expertise

  • A wealth of international trade experience and expertise

  • Access to key documentation to act as evidence of export and/or import so you remain compliant at all times.

Who can access this service?

Exporters, Importers, Freight operators who are legally registered in the UK.

You do not have to be a chamber member to access any of these services.

We know that navigating through trade documentation can be complicated, so please get in touch with the team and we can have a no-obligation free chat of what we can do for you.

Interested in using our service? 


  • If you are a trader, please complete this form and a member of our team will be in touch.   


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