Trading from 2021

The UK has now officially left the EU single market and customs union. Whilst there has been a EU-UK Trade Deal agreed, EU and UK traders still face new changes in the way they were trading.  From 2021, new rules are coming into place and below you will find a series of guidance from official sources which should help companies continue trading from now on.

  • what businesses currently need to do to prepare for Brexit

  • what’s changing in your industry

  • Specific information for your situation as an individual or business

  • Exporters step by step guideline

  • Importers Step by step guideline

  • Business Brexit Checklist

  • BCC Risk Register

  • Withdrawal Agreement FAQ & analysis

  • Unanswered questions on No-Deal.

  • GMCC Brexit Guideline

  • GMCC Step by Step basic guide for Exporters and Importers

  • WTO Trading Rules

  • Greater Manchester Combine Authority Brexit Advice - Individuals and Businesses

  • GMCC Strategic Partners - Brexit Advice and resources. 

  • Sector focus Brexit support from a wide range of business support organisations

  • Parcel Services

  • Other useful subjects impacted by Brexit