• GMCC Basic Prep List to continue trading at the end of the transition period

  • EORI

  • Tariffs

  • Incoterms

  • Customs

  • Rules of Origin

  • Goods Classification

  • Regulations & Documentation

  • Customs Procedures Codes

  • Simplified Procedures & more

  • British Chambers of Commerce International Trade Sruvey Results - Brexit Preparation (Sept 2019)

  • Step by Step Brexit basic guide for UK exporters

  • Step by Step Brexit basic guide for UK Importers

GMCC Brexit Tools

GMCC has also developed a few guides and flyers to help you understand the broad areas, both exporters and importers need to consider in the event of a No-deal.  Check them out below.

  • GMCC EU Referendum blog which provided latest updated and news regarding the impact of the result of the EU referendum


Referendum Impact