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Our hub aims to make trading with the world easier.  Take a look to some free resources to help you trade with the EU and the world.

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How to Guides

  • Incoterms infographics -  Quick snapshot on how responsibilities' are split between Exporters and Importers

  • Export Action Plan -  To help new or occasional exporters with developing a successful exporting strategy

  • Import Action Plan -  Helping new or occasional importers developing a sound importing strategy

  • Brief Technical Guide to Exporting infographic

  • Brief Guide to Customs Declarations - What traders need to know in terms of key information needed for customs clearance

Download our free guides by subscribing to our hub.

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GM Chamber Bitesize Sessions

Subscribe to our youtube channels and watch on demand our previous sessions - from basics to export and import to covering some of the latest regulations impacting exporters and importers (e.g. UKCA, REACH, VAT) and much more.


You can also download slides when subscribing to our site.   Click here and to subscribe and access slides.

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International Trade Readiness Assessment

Open to members and non-members, complete our 15-min online assessment which will outline how 'ready' is your business to go global.  Whether you are considering to export or import, our online trade readiness assessment can help you understand key areas you need to consider when going global for the first time, or trying a new market.  

This assessment is suitable for new, occasional or experienced traders.

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Foreign Exchange Currency Calculator

Use our free currency calculator to estimate the impact of FX changes in Sterling pound when trading with the EU.   FX volatility can affect your business profitability and managing this risk effectively is key to run a successful global operation.

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