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Relevant links about the Northern Ireland Protocol and how to move goods into, out of and through Northern Ireland, as well as available support.

Details of the agreement reached by Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee regarding the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Practical guidance for businesses wishing to trade via NI in relation to customs, VAT, excise, environmental standards, regulation about placing manufactured goods in NI and GB, as well as using the UKNI marking, and much more.

Get advice and help to meet new requirements if you're a trader, and understand how you can claim money back if you provide an inspection and certification service.

The  UKTS is a scheme for traders keen to be authorise to declare goods brought into NI and are not 'At risk' of moving to the EU so there is no EU duty to be paid on those goods.

A learning platform preparing and supporting traders for the processes involved in moving goods under the NI Protocol

If you move goods in or out of Northern Ireland the Trader Support Service will guide you through any changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.  Register here for support.

Find out how to move goods, in parcels or large letters, between Great Britain and Northern Ireland using the Royal Mail Group or an express carrier

The UK Government and EU have announced in Feb 2023 that they have reached a new deal to replace the existing NI Protocol.  

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